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Our Production Department: Always Keeping Pace with the Times

Our production department is the beating heart of Pubblicità Spazio. It's where ideas take shape and become tangible creations. This sector is constantly evolving, continually updated and expanded to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing market. This commitment to innovation and constant updates allows us to effectively and promptly respond to the increasingly complex and diversified requests of our clients.

Technology and Equipment: Our Commitment to Excellence

At Pubblicità Spazio, we believe that high-quality technology and equipment are essential to achieve projects of exceptional quality. Our production department is equipped with state-of-the-art woodworking and carpentry tools. Hot press, arm saws, milling machines, edge bander, thickness planer, spindle moulder, wire thickness planer, and miter saw are just some of the equipment that allows us to handle 100% of the woodworking processes internally, necessary for the realization of our projects. The availability of these resources allows us to produce every detail with the utmost precision, from mass production of furniture to the most refined details.

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Beyond Woodworking: A Comprehensive Range of Services

Our production department goes beyond simple woodworking. Our expertise extends much further, offering a range of services that encompass different areas of specialization. We have painting booths for lacquering, where your projects acquire that final touch that enhances their beauty. Our metal carpentry department, on the other hand, is dedicated to creating custom brackets and elements, tailored specifically to provide solidity and personality to your structures. Not to mention, we have a dedicated area for electrical installations, ensuring safety and functionality for each stand, and a sector reserved for graphic design, adding that distinctive touch that makes each of our projects unique. This variety of skills allows us to offer a complete service, covering every aspect of the production process, ensuring that every detail meets your standards and reflects your vision.