Who we are

For almost 40 years, Pubblicità Spazio has been designing and building stands for exhibitions all over the world. Our mission is clear and simple: to study custom-made solutions for your exhibitions and showrooms, designing and building with creativity, professionalism, punctuality and precision. Our team is made up of more than fifty strongly motivated collaborators, ready and willing to interpret your needs and exceed your expectations in terms of quality and proposals, aiming to a strong visual and emotional impact for any fitting, at the fairground or in your shops.


At Pubblicità Spazio we have room for everyone, from small to big businesses; our expertise and attention to detail will grant your stand a brilliant and successful performance. Our personalized stands are designed and built with a captivating design, but attention is always paid to the client’s budget.


The final result is a high-impact stand which meets the needs of the clients and attracts the attention of visitors and professionals of the sector at the same time.  We operate at the main fairgrounds in Italy and abroad, but we are never afraid to face new challenges, which always motivate us to give our best!


Our legal headquarter is set in San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona), where you can find our offices (design studio, accounting, sales and marketing department) and our furniture warehouse.


Our manufacturing and logistics department, the very heart of our  production, is set in San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona), too, just a few hundred metres away from our headquarter, so we always have everything under control. Inside this division (about 5000 sqm) you can find our joinery, our lacquering department with its paint-spraying booths and shaving unit, our electrical department and our graphics department (where we cut any prespaced graphics in adhesive film).


An additional smaller warehouse (about xxx sqm) is situated 700m away from our manufacturing and logistics department and serves as a deposit. 


In 2017 our manufacturing division has been expanded with a new operational headquarter (2500 sqm) set in Montichiari (Brescia), where you can find a sales department, a design studio and an operational warehouse with a joinery where new structures and furniture are built, existing materials are refurbished and goods are stored.



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